Numeric UPS* bagged the most Prestigious SD's No1. Power Electronics Company of the year award for the 26th consecutive year, making it the largest winning streak unheard of in the Power Electronic Industry vertical. The company is also the largest manufacturer of Online UPS Systems in India making it the SD's No.1 Online UPS Company of the year and also the SD's No. 1 Line interactive UPS Company of the year awards. All the three firsts related to UPS went to NUMERIC UPS, making it the most successful UPS brand in the country. The company netted the total revenues of 645.00 crores, up from 625.25 crores, thus changing over the decline trend set last few years infact growing by over 3% over the previous years turnover. Numeric back on growth path will be a threat for other UPS manufacturers.

(*Numeric UPS is part of Legrand Group. The registered Indian legal entity is known as Novateur Electrical & Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd. which comprises of 3 Brands / Divisions Legrand, Indo-Asian and Numeric*,) but the turnover figures printed are purely of Online & Inline UPS Systems.

Schneider Electric IT Business India Pvt. Ltd, Vertiv-Liebert, Socomec and Eaton's who didn't wanted their figures to be published terming it to be their company policy. For UPSs sales of these companies :

SD estimates

APC - Schneider's UPS sales to be around 693 crore.

Vertiv - Liebert revenue increased to 736 is some where around 590 crore.

Eaton's Power Quality revenue is around 174 crore. These figure are just SD's estimates through our own market sources & our contacts within the company and information coming out of Government agencies.

Hitachi Hi-Rel Power  Electronics Pvt. Ltd. which went for major re-positioning in the last three financial year has teamed up with Hitachi. And has finally started delivering. This teaming up has worked wonders for the company but not that much in the UPS field but has started emphasizing as the company started giving more emphasis on Drives for which they have set up a huge plant in Sanand, Gujarat. This year Softdisk estimates the company to have netted revenues of 470.50 crores for UPS & SPCUs. Of which nearly crores are thru sales of UPS alone.

Here it is worth mentioning that Govt.'s Right to Information policy has come good to evaluate the unknown to a certain extent.

Consul went up one rank one rank showing growth over 22% over the past year being adjudged the SD's No. 2 Power Electronic Company of the year. The company netted revenues to the tune of 415.00 crore, up from previous year turnover of 340.00 crore. However Consul's are also the SD's No.2 Online UPS company of the year with UPS sales amounting to 330.00 crores. All these makes Consul - A high growth company, especially in the wake of extended interest in the Solar business which is  evident from its acquirement Pune based Megatech a predominantly solar oriented company & Neowatt-famous for its technical expertise in both custom built UPS Systems and Solar field.

Next in the league was the company, maintaining its businesses successfully making it among the 3rd spot in the SD's top 10 club, Kolkatta based Switching AVO Electro Power Ltd. Switching with a revenue of 218.00 crore emerged as SD's No. 3 Power Electronic Company of the year. Although Switching AVO didn't grow big but maintaining a over 200 crore turnover speaks volumes about the company. Switching AVO are also the SD's No. 3 Online UPS Manufacturer of the year.

Next in line are the Last years No. 6, BEST POWER EQUIPMENTS (I) PVT. LTD. BPE netted revenues to the tune of 147.00 crore being crowned SD's No.4 Power Electronic Company for the year 2018. A jump of two positions over previous year.

Mumbai based CyberPower Systems maintained its position in SD's top 10 club by grabbing SD's No 5 position in this years SD Rankings. CyberPower netted revenues to the tune of 143.00 crore being crowned SD's No.5 Power Electronic Company, CyberPower are also the SD's No.2 Line-interactive UPS Company of the year with 39.10 Crore being generated thru line interactive sales.

Next in the league are the Bangalore based Techser Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. They were crowned SD's No. 6 Power Electronic Company of the year. Company's revenue increased by over 42% has been due to the strategic marketing and and identifying niche customer areas. No wonders, if company ends up even higher in the top 10 rankings chart in the coming years, Signals to this effect are already visible. The company netted total revenues of 128.37 crores, up from 90.01 crore it had in 2016-17. Techser are also the SD's No. 5 Online UPS Manufacturer of the year 2017-18.

Next in the league is Bangalore based PowerOne Micro Systems Pvt. Ltd. which won the coveted SD's No.7 company of the year. The company netted revenues to the tune of 119.20 crore, making it the SD's No. 7 Power Electronic Company of the Year. Last year the company had netted revenues to the tune of 113.02 crores, a major jump considering, considering the average industry growth to be around 8.96%. Company's tagline is to save the bottom line. For the second consecutive time the company crossed the turnover of 100 crores and that to without compromising on margins speaks volumes about the the quality and acceptance of their product.

Next are the Hykon India Pvt. Ltd., A Thrissur, Kerala based company which this time also ended up as SD's No. 8 Power Electronic Company of the year and could manage only 83.29 crore as against 87.84 crores it netted last year, a small dip of 5%. The company has been showing upwards trend ever since it entered the SD's Top 10 Club. Hykon are also the SD's No.3 Line-interactive UPS Company of the year with 10.60 Crore being generated thru line
interactive sales. We are witnessing a steady growth, year after year in Hykon, last year was a slip as we missed a few contracts very narrowly, laments Mr. Christo George, MD, Hykon

Delhi based Uniline Energy Systems jumped one place to claim SD's No 9 spot in this years SD Rankings. Uniline netted revenues to the tune of 77.00 crore. Uniline are also the leading Govt. suppliers of UPSs in the country.

Last on list were the Delhi based Tritronics India Pvt. Ltd., grabbing the last spot in the SD's Top 10 Ratings, company netted a turn over of 60 crore in 2017-18. A 36% growth, a huge jump over previous year.

Conclusion: The 2017-18 can be termed as a relatively good year for the SD's Top 10 UPS Companies. Some of the UPS companies grew well above the industry average while other failed to achieve what they had last year, at a time when margins are squeezed. Volume wise there is increase in sales of almost 19.70%. In all 316 companies responded, while only 178 companies ware rated. Softdisk believes back ourselves for two three good years ahead.

These rankings are limited to the companies responding to our survey by providing data & also estimated by our team.


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