Numeric, Emerges The Leader for the 30th Consecutive Time
Numeric UPS (A Group Brand Legrand) bagged the most Prestigious SD's No1. Power Electronics Company of the year award for the 30th consecutive year, making it the largest winning streak ever in the Power Electronic Industry vertical across the globe. The company are  also the SD's No. 2 Offline-Line, Line Interactive UPS Company of the year. Making it the most successful UPS brand in the country.

The company netted the total revenues of 717.00 crores, a growth of 62 crores from previous year's turnover. it achieved in 2020-21. (*Numeric UPS is part of Legrand Group. The registered Indian legal entity is known as Novateur Electrical & Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd. which comprises of 3 Brands / Divisions Legrand, Indo-Asian and Numeric*,) but the turnover figures printed are purely of Online  & Inline UPS Systems.


Fuji Electric post acquisition of Consul-Neowatt had a relatively a very good year  in 2020-2021, however in 21-22 the company grew considerably, a growth of 26.65 over previous year   attaining a turnover of 613.00 Crore retaining the coveted SD's No. 2 Power Electronic Company of the year award. However Fuji Electric are the SD's No.1 Online (Three Phase) UPS company of the year with Online (Three Phase) UPS sales amounting to 411.00 crores. Fuji are also the SD's No. 3 Online (Single Phase) UPS Company of the year. All these makes Fuji Electric a high growth company, especially in the wake of expansion of the already existing unit and increased requirement of Three Phase systems with in a country. 

Next in the league was the was a company, maintaining  its businesses successfully  making it to the 3rd spot in the SD's top 10 club, Kolkatta based Switching AVO Electro Power Ltd. Switching with a revenue of 291.50 crores has emerged as SD's No. 3 Power Electronic Company of the year. However the balance sheet suggested increased profits. Its a great performance by Switching amidst high competition they successfully emerged  on top as they become a SD's No 1 Online (Single Phase) UPS company of the year. Non sharing of Numeric Single Phase data is one of the primary reason for Switching reaching the top spot.  

Next in line are the Best Power  Equipments (I) Pvt. Ltd. This fiscal 2021-22, BPE  netted revenues to the tune of 189.00 crores up from 173.00 crores it netted in 2020-21. A good performance in a year when most companies are facing stiff competition. As such the company was crowned SD's No. 4 Power Electronic Company for the year 21-22. 

Up next are the Bangalore based Techser Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. They were crowned SD's No. 5 Power Electronic Company of the year. Company's  revenue increased by  17.83%, to 150.33 Crore up from 127.58 Crore it netted in
20-21. No wonders, if company ended up as SD's No 3 Online (Single Phase) UPS company of the year. 

In the first two quarter 22-23 the company has performed better than previous year, no wonders if the company  ends-up even higher in the top 10 rankings in 22-23. 

Next in the league is Bangalore based PowerOne Micro Systems Pvt. Ltd. which  won the coveted SD's No.6 company of the year award. The company netted revenues to the tune of 141.23 crore, making it the SD's No. 6  Power Electronic Company of the Year. Last year the company had netted revenues to the tune of 106.00 crores. No wonders, if company ended up as SD's No 2 Online (Three Phase) UPS company of the year. 

Overall turnover of Powerone is a result of Hybrid SPCU's  which the  company has started manufacturing in house and a rated very high in quality. Since long the Powerone has been focusing on bottom line and has crossed 100 crore mark for the 4th successive year without compromising on margins speaks volumes about the quality and  acceptance of their products, "A No Mean Achievement" for a company manufacturing large scale Grid Connected  & Hybrid SPCU's up to 1000 kW. 

Next in the league are the  Hykon India Limited, a Thrissur, Kerala based company which maintained its SD's No.7 Power Electronic Company of the year and 94.52 crores as against 81.82 crores it netted last year, crossing last year's revenue was a result of diversification.  The company has been showing upwards trend ever since it entered the SD's Top 10 Club. Hykon is diversified in to Lithium-ion battery manufacturing and also contributing towards green energy thru electric two & three wheelers. Three wheelers developed by them are for passengers & not for loading. It is very energy efficient and uses a fast  charger for charging at home. 

Next up are Delhi based Uniline Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. retained its claim on SD's No 8 spot in this years SD top 10 Rankings too. Uniline  netted revenues to the tune of 89.12 crore. A  stupendous growth of over 35% as compared to previous year.  Uniline are also the leading Govt. suppliers of UPSs in the country. 

(A company growing by over 35% and still maintaining its rank are visible sign of growing economy of the industry.)    

Arvi systems & Controls Pvt. Ltd. With a turnover of 24.75 Crore would have made next but didn't want to be ranked skipping which a next in a line are the Better Power Service Pvt. Ltd. Guwahati. The company was ranked as  SD's No. 9 Power Electronics Company of the year, 21-22 netting revenues to the tune of  24.44 Crore up from 16.98 it netted in 2020-21. 

A new entrant to the SD's Top 10 group this time are Alpha Power Solutions. The company registered a revenue of 18.05 crores up from 16.10 crores a growth of nearly 12.11%. Innovative technology was their key to growth & even exports. The company is all set to touch a new high in the upcoming year. 

Conclusion: The 2021-22 can be termed as a relatively good year for the SD's Top 10 UPS Companies. The percentage of the growth may vary as per the efforts put in by the company and what they are targeting top line or bottom line. 


The year 2021-2022 was he happiest year of the recent times for Power Electronic Industry. Many grew while a few failed to do so. Overall, the  industry grew by 5%. The industry netted revenues to the tune of INR 6730.00 crore. This is exclusively the end-user sales figure. However, the over all industry revenue was estimated at INR 6950.00 crore approx including secondary sales.

Most companies have started production to the full throttle,  We are sure the figure which we have arrived at i.e., the actual end-user sales revenue of INR 6730.00 crore mark will be crossed in current fiscal 2021-2022. There will be no wonders if growth ends up over 7% plus in 2023 as the trends indicate. 

These rankings are limited to the companies responding to our survey by providing data &  also estimated by our team. 


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