A Brief History...

In the year 1991 Association of Computer Professionals (INDIA) started an in-house magazine entitled SOFTDISK for circulation amongst its members. It was an attempt on the part of the Association to bridge the gap between the user and the Industry. However difficulties in publication of the magazine prompted Dr. Sai to take over its reigns in January 1992 and it was just a matter of time that magazine caught the imagination of computing community and circulation started soaring with every passing issue.

It was this time during 1992-93, when Dr. Sai realized that no IT magazine was concentrating on UPSs although at the back of every IT equipment to function smoothly, there is a UPS providing quality power and continuity. It is since that time that we have been surveying the Power Electronic Industry year after year. It was highly scattered and with no history of its own to say. There were very high number of unorganized players or you may call them fly by night operators, for most of them it was a battery in a box with minimum of technology. It was here Softdisk educated the masses for the need to have a pure power and criticality of the IT Equipment and hence their businesses and risk they were running into for the lack of quality UPS System. It started then in 1993, when the first of the awards were given.

Fourteen years down the lane, we still keep researching, even going down to the end users, taking the views. Educating them. And doing what we know the best, transparent reporting. With this we have always been advocating the need for having a well addressed Power Electronic Industry addressing the needs of our Power starved nation.

We kept on moving forward and with us grew the UPS fraternity, to what we can call a well organized UPS Industry today. Although a lot, still needs to be done. But what we have successfully done is that we have created a process and put it in place and practiced it for 14 long years now. A process that encourages & envisages a route for healthy competition among the UPS manufacturers and will surely cut down the fly-by-night operators and the process continues.

With the advent of UPS DAY, we are re-energized, and look forward to strengthen the industry further, in the times a head.

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